Understanding Traditional Advertising VS Social Media Advertising

Social media offers customers access to information they need to qualify your products and or services a self service basis.

Selling social media as an asset, engage your audience, the more you engage, the more people you reach.  If you want to get notice, you got to go to the people.

Customers are using social media to make a better purchasing decisions and if your not here, how do you expect to stir the decision on your direction?

You got to participate, asking, answer questions, your customers are asking because more and more they are asking for advice from their online contact on social media.

Your customer is using social media to make a better purchasing decision and if your not here, how do you expect to stir the decision on your directions?

20+ years experience in publication


Employment Ad-page-001Print Media

(newspaper, magazine ads, newsletters, brochures and other printed materials)

These have only value if it is in the right hands and those hands have an immediate purchasing need.

Broadcast media

(such as TV and radio ads)

Direct mail

Sales Presentation-page-001

(including fliers, post cards, catalogs)




But, if I take all this information in You Tube, Social Media, E-Commerce, Website or Blog, it is always in demand.  You’ll be able to find it in “Google Search”.  If I take “Phone Call’s” that is great if I can convert that one person into a sell but if I did it on Facebook or any social media platform it’s recorded.


Brochures or Phone Call’s has no records of it, here Today, gone Tomorrow.  But, if I pay with Social Media, it’s recorded, it’s their forever.  Social Media engaging is automatically recorded online full public view and grows revenue faster.

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